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bring pets and us together,
creating a page in a chapter our lives
that is filled with happiness.

dog ear funds

Our name, DOG EAR, draws its inspiration from the shape of a folded down corner of a page when you want to mark something important or of personal significance in a book, and we hope to be an icon resembling the important things in our lives.

DOG EAR FUNDS hopes to shine the importance of helping these animals in need, and bringing forth awareness of their situation so as to not shy away from the troubling situations that they are in.

We will give our utmost best in planning and coordinating our activities, and through them, we hope that we would be able to create an important page in our lives filled with happiness and joy.

Through innovations that can be incorporated into our livestyles, DOG EAR FUNDS aims to create a self-sustainable society in which our beloved pets and us can live together happily and harmoniously.

dog ear funds

Representative Director's Message

Even without words, our beloved pet dogs will always find a way to express their feelings to us.
Personally, I have been receiving plenty of "gifts" from them ever since I was a kid.
The happiness that they bring into our lives is immeasurable, and to many of us, they resemble more like a close family member than anything else.

And this got me deep in thoughts, as I picture myself building a sustainable future for all animals and humans to live happily beside and along each other, I begin questioning myself,
"What can I do?", "What has to be done?", "What needs to be changed?".

I find that we need to face these questions head-on if we want to build a better future for everyone.

While DOG EAR FUNDS is a very young NPO, just recently founded in May 2021, I hope to build
a team which will address the problems faced by cats and dogs all over the country, and by using the passionate sentiments and ideas gathered here, we will change the situation for the better, and create a sustainable society for the animals and us.

In Japan, I feel that the concept of using donations to help each other is not widely recognized,
so I think that it is important that we make donations something that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives, and lower the hurdle for everyone who are interested in donating and helping out. It is also important that the cause that we are fighting for gains awareness among the people.

I believe that through a combined effort, we can spread happiness and widen our circle of hope, and with more people joining in our cause, a brighter future society whereby all cats, dogs and humans can live happily alongside each other without pain or sadness is definitely within grasp.

In order to achieve my dream of a society that will not abandon unfortunate pets, I aim to build
a team that stems from complete trust, and with the approval and support from everyone, we will set out to change our society for the better a single step at a time.

Representative Director SUZUMI Yoshitaka

Organization Outline

Organization Name Specified Nonprofit Corporation
Address 19F Shinagawa Seaside Canal Tower
4-12-6 Higashi Shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002, Japan
Contact Information TEL : (81)-3-6712-0302
Date of Establishment May 14, 2021
Board of Executives
  • Sumitaka Suzumi Sumitaka Suzumi
    Representative Director
    Sumitaka Suzumi
  • Daigo Sato Daigo Sato
    Daigo Sato
  • Shuji Kishihara Shuji Kishihara
    Shuji Kishihara
  • Shigetoshi Kumamoto Shigetoshi Kumamoto
    Shigetoshi Kumamoto
  • Toshiko Tsujimura Toshiko Tsujimura
    Toshiko Tsujimura
  • Hideho Takakura Hideho Takakura
    Hideho Takakura
  • Genki Nishimura Genki Nishimura
    Genki Nishimura
  • Keiko Suzumi Keiko Suzumi
    Executive Officer
    Keiko Suzumi
  • Ryo Fukumoto Ryo Fukumoto
    Executive Officer
    Ryo Fukumoto
  • Yoshikazu Sugita Yoshikazu Sugita
    Yoshikazu Sugita
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