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DOG EAR FUNDS aims to create a society
where cats, dogs and us can all live happily
and harmoniously
together, and we intend to
support this cause through various
collaborative projects and activities.
We're starting off with our first project, titled
"NO BORDERS Project".


Many of the animal rescue shelters in off-shore remote islands of Japan have a lack of proper medical equipment, or insufficient medical supplies, which prove to be a challenge to carrying out medical tasks efficiently.

This is one of the largest barriers towards rehoming the animals under their care, as many of them had been rejected by foster families due to medical complications. There are also cases whereby suitable foster families had been identified and allocated, but the animals were unable to fly to their new homes due to medical issues.

To overcome this barrier, it is of the utmost importance that proper medical facilities are in place for the veterinarians to carry out medical care and treatment for the animals.

NO BORDERS Project's aim is to support the animal rescue shelters' activities on these remote islands, through donations which will aid their operating costs and improving the medical conditions on the ground.

There are also cats and dogs who are unable to board planes due to medical complications or disabilities, and would spend their lives in the rescue shelters. We intend to fully support this cause as well, through our donations, to provide them with a bright and happy life in the rescue shelters.

While our project will start with a collaboration with an animal rescue group in Miyako-jima, it is important to note that this issue is not only limited to off-shore remote islands, and is actually widespread across the entire country.

We plan to support the rescue activities of not only Miyako-jima, but all across Japan in the future.

Your donations and contributions make up the core of our movement.

Please take some time out to support us and our cause.

Partner Organizations


This is an animal rescue group located in Okinawa Prefecture's off-shore island of Miyako-jima. There are roughly 100 cats and dogs living with them, many of which are rescued from other shelters or taken into their custody directly. In addition to attending the animals' medical needs and looking after their well-being, they are also actively involved in trying to rehome the animals in their care with suitable families. Furthermore, they are also playing an active role in neutering both stray animals and domestic pets on the island.


In order for the veterinarians to perform their duties, it is essential to have proper medical equipment and sufficient medical supplies. Donations will be used to support the purchase of medical equipment such as anaesthetic machines (est. cost ¥1,000,000) and electric scalpels (est. cost ¥1,000,000), and also to support the operating costs of running the shelters and food for the animals.