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Bringing Pets and Us Together on One Page

Bringing Pets and Us Together on One Page


In Japan, there are still plenty of cats and dogs which are unable to find a family to live with, and tens of thousands of them are put down annually.

DOG EAR FUNDS aims to create a society where cats, dogs and us can all live happily and harmoniously together.

Just like how you would fold a DOG EAR at the corner of an important page, we hope that our activities will be remembered by everyone as a significant and important page in our lives and society.

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DOG EAR FUNDSについて dogearfunds


The animal rescue shelters in Miyako-jima are facing a shortage in medical care and treatment. Through collaborative efforts with these shelters, we hope to surpass the barriers faced by them, and help bring these animals to their foster families.

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